Meet the Team

WYC Leadership


Avik Agarwal

President and Chief Technology Officer


Janice Lin

Co-Vice President

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Ben Kasoff

Co-Vice President

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Jake Epple

Co-Vice President


Samika Agarwal

Director of Projects & Web Content Strategist


Miles Demarest

Director of Communications


David Barlow

WYC Secretary

WYC Mentor

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Lucas Cioffi

Mr. Cioffi grew up in Westchester.  He is a software engineer and founder of QiqoChat.  He is an Iraq War veteran and graduated from West Point and the US Army Ranger School.  Mr. Cioffi served on the board of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation and is an open government advocate.

WYC Alumni Advisors


Jake Ourman

Jake Ourman graduated from Irvington High School. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Applied Math - Economics from Brown University. 

Jake was a co-founder of the WYC and one of our original student co-presidents. Today, he continues to be a valued adviser.