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Who we are:

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

Westchester Youth Congress is a high school student-led organization striving to improve our community and to provide youth with the tools they need to spark change.

To envision and execute innovative solutions to problems in our communities.

To empower youth leaders to make positive change.

Our Story: 

The Westchester Youth Congress was envisioned by its founders as a platform that would amplify the youth voice. By creating Visible Youth Activism, the WYC provides youth leaders with a rare opportunity to work together to make an impact on our community. In addition, the spirit of interdependence that comes from the group’s collaborative and student-run nature fosters strong interpersonal skills in the next generation of leaders through real-world experience.


It is our foremost belief that High School students provide fresh ideas, new perspectives, and innovative solutions to issues in our community. By working on issues that matter to them, our project-based approach equips these Youth Leaders with the tools to fight for causes that matter to them, both now and in the future. In addition, by placing an emphasis on service, the WYC gives its members the opportunity to develop strong connections to our community and its leaders.


Our commitment to being idea-driven has led us to do meaningful work in politics, public health, charity, and more. This same commitment has forged strong partnerships with local elected officials and local community organizations that give Youth Leaders the opportunity to insert their voices into the discussions that change our community for the better. By continuing to uphold these values, the Westchester Youth Congress hopes to give Youth Leaders the chance to make positive change in our community, as both WYC members and beyond.

Code Of Conduct At Westchester Youth Congress 
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